Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cobra Fist

I told myself I would buy them as soon as I saw them next year.  Hub had them. There is a drawstring cuff around the wrist and upper and lower zips with internal pulls.  CobraFist!

Proper installation instructions would have been:

1.  Take any existing bar end plugs out.
2,  Unzip the neoprene cuff , slide it onto the bar and RE-ZIP IT.
3.  Get the right sized wrench for the inside of the new bar end plug - cause adjusting this part sucks.

4.  Put the new bar end plug through the grommet, then put your wrench-hand inside the pogie and crank it tighter until the rubber end barely fits into the bar - cause it will be too big for the grommet long before it will be too big for the bar.  Come to think of it,  you may want to do that before you put the pogie on the bar.

I consider this a product defect in fact,  the rubber grommets may be better holding than quickly-expanding volcano cone-shaped tighteners when finally installed but the installation of them sucks. I expect more from you Quality.  When it is close to sticking inside the bar, crank it a few more times stuff it and tighten it as best you can.  Fail.

5.  The Zipped cuff foam stiffener instructions suck too.  You already re-zipped and velcro'd the cuffs after you put them on right? - cause you need to do that FIRST despite what the instructions say.  Now slowly stuff the positioned foam into the zipped cuff to create an air seal.


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Russian Propaganda Velma

Scooby's ready to go.

I've been looking around for the best download options.  Like insurance and action sports I want less risk now here with the family and the life and everything but I've still got to have the new stuff.  How do I do that?

Don't do newsgroups it's new or rare only there.  Bram Cohn's idea is still the best.  You don't want a VPN for ALL your traffic you want a proxy for your torrents.  You want Private Internet Access.  They primarily sell encrypt-your-entire-internet-connection for crazy people (VPN) but you don't install the software you just obtain the info to configure uTorrent for PROXY to get dropped off in Scandinavia instead with no tracing to home.  It's 40 bucks a year and easy to set up Patrick .  Seems well worth it for gigs.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Evil Dave Double Down Thor Wixom

Remember evil dave from double down? That and Shift are best vids ever.  Thank you Thor Wixom.

Saturday, November 1, 2014