Sunday, April 15, 2018

The key is the hard plastic grab handle on the saw itself,  I cut those slots with my grinder.  The band saw really cuts amazingly fast and precisely and I'm using the original HF blade still (Milwaukee at HD same price).  The saw doesn't have a trigger lock so I easily carved a piece of plywood to slide right in there.  When setting this up you want to make sure the blade is plumb and level,  took a couple tries.  Saw stores in its case on the shelf.  Diresta's is still better.

Chinese Japanese Dirty Knees Look At These
Arai XD4 vs AFX excellent helmet to this point
Childhood racist saying
The quality is good in both great in one
Walk like an Egyptian

Friday, March 23, 2018

Michael Schenker Fest was awesome

One of my very favorite guitarists on tour with his original solo bassist and drummer and four of the six singers that span his nearly four decade career.  Yes,  four singers,  singing their signature songs and singing together on many others.  McAuley so smoothly and casually stepping into the stage light to help Barden on the high part of Mad Axman.  Bonnet blowing me away with his vocal power at 71 years old.  White, the young gun in his 50s singing the "new" songs which I like very much.  It was like time traveling,  hearing that song with the right voice,  and the right guitar,  the entire night.  They ended with five straight UFO classics.  Better than expected.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Horizons unlimited

Monday, February 19, 2018

Being pursued by a fox apparently.  Last weekend dream ride between the mills.  Beautiful industrial.  Scare away rodents near where people work I think.
Full on old man mode now, Consumer Cellular seems like a good idea, no apologies, fuck you.  Last year I installed metal filter style gutter covers on my newly installed gutters, $100 Amazon,  saved 900 over gutter installer,  and he only sold full cover style anyway.  I overkilled it by adding corner-stops and sometimes the pine needles build up.  They build up anyway in the front.

Got a giant telescoping pole (Costco) and solid wood heavy duty scrub brush (Amazon) plus plywood scraps and an indescribable understanding of joinery equals this.

Shiny square metal threads into a broom handle,   18 feet below

Sunday, January 28, 2018

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Sister Mother Daughter


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Any man with a microphone can tell you what he loves the most

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Powderhorn 24 2017 Start

The green dragon rode 100+ miles