Saturday, August 16, 2014

Powderhorn 24 2014

Powderhorn 24 2014 officially ended at 7 this evening but Kathleen collected our last punches a few hours before.  She could have kept going she said but was getting bored.  I was done though,  hot and humid has always been my nemesis and despite best hydration efforts I was not getting back on the bike at that point.

The stop and go intersection navigation, alleys and potholes course is not Kathleen's cup of tea but I liked it just fine.  Night riding ditto.  She rode 5 (counting the required warm up)  hair-under 5-mile laps into the darkness last night where I picked it up and rode 6 before calling it a night - I mean seriously,  there are no intentions to actually ride for 24 hours.  The team-HUB tattoos and SIDIs hammerheads probably pulled it off but for an individual to ride during each of the 24 hours would be an amazing accomplishment.

Kathleen was at it again before the sun this morning and rode for hours before I stepped back in for another 7 laps (counting my voided and deserved dunce lap - doh) - through the heat of the day before tagging-off with the waiting woman and limping home cramping and light headed.  In the end I rode 12+1 laps for ~65 miles and Kathleen rode 18+1 for ~95.  My body is going to stop hurting long before my ego is.

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Friday, August 8, 2014

In honor of their 20th anniversary on the web Microsoft recreated their first site.  I know this because I work with serious geeks who will send you links to said shit. Don't worry none of the pictured links work so you get basically the same experience here.  Thank you geeks.

So that means 1994.  I started with 98.  The internet is why I do what I do.  Thank you Microsoft for all you've done.

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Colonel Alice Hard Coded German Subs Sorry

Thanks Sam.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Unexpected Hobbit

I'm pretty disappointed with this.  Sure it's all epic and everything but it's not great movie making. I don't want you to leave stuff out, I don't want you to add stuff in. I don't want comic relief for fucking sure.  The visuals should have been dirtier and stupider.  The drama should have been based on dialog and situations not CG.  The definitive version is yet to be made.

It's so frustrating - multi-million dollar movie making and the overall tone is wrong,  the sense of historic age is said but not felt.   I don't see decades in the buildings and artifacts I see one-dimensional made-for-movie props.  It feels phoned-in, everything is stereotype - made for stupid audiences .  Lots of costumes and hairstyles, little character development or emotional subtlety.  There is no sense of a journey or quest,  no sense of overall uncertainty or doom in the plan,  no questions in the minds of characters.  Mainstream crap.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Park Point Towards the end, heading East.  Can't really ride on the pure beach sand, dry or wet.  Some success over driftwood and piles of debris.  Sand with plants is perfect however.  Awesome perspective.  Thanks fat bike.

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