Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Say What You Mean - Comment Punctuation

No one is understanding the hilarious comments I'm leaving on their blogs - and it's not just my 8th grade spelling and grammar (ok, this is what you are thinking)... I need bold and italic. I need hyperlinks. The Blogger comment form says I "can use some HTML tags, such as <i>,<b> ,<a> " - but how do I do that? This is how.

Hypertext Markup Language, or HTML tags, surround the words you want to modify, like this: <i>these words will be in italics</i>. Notice the forward slash just before the second "i"? - it's not optional, it defines where to end the formatting. Likewise, bold: <b>these words will be bold</b>.

The <a>, or attribute tag, is used for hyperlinks - like the comments spammers feigning interest post on your blog, linking back to their own websites - cough, cough, Heath, cough... That code looks like this:<a href="">Click here to go to Google</a>. More complicated but still very simple; the opening tag <a href=" "> with the website location between the quotes, and the closing tag </a> with the link words before it. You see only "Click here to go to Google", and when you do, you'll be sent to Got it?

Remember, with code, syntax must be exact, <i>close</i> doesn't count! There you go; a joke, a tip and an example all-in-one. Yes thank you, applause. applause.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve...

I spent the evening outside burning a big fire and listening to Trans-Siberian Orchestra, - now that's Christmas music! I heard my neighbors pausing on their late nite dog-peeing and snow-shoveling duties to briefly cock an ear to the blues-and-metalized arrangements of Christmas standards and tasty originals.

Two years ago Christmas, I built that doll house from plywood and pine
in the Longfellow garage - check out the two stairways and attic door details. It was super-fucking cold those last December weeks - like arctic. I remember being dressed up like a spaceman, spray-painting it up on sawhorses, under blazing shop lights, just nights before the big morning, most of the paint atomizing into the air, little making it on to the wood. I was burning a blazing fire in the driveway and cranking Dead Can Dance, the neighborhood was otherwise silent and still.

I remember pausing, removing my filter mask, and turning to the open air and blazing fire to - to my surprise, acknowledge the unspoken greeting of an under-dressed woman with semi-hollow eyes silently heading down the alley to our then drug-dealer neighbors. Seeing what I was doing, she burst into a huge smile that defied the frigid air and her sad mission, and lasted all the way past my garage

The contrasts make me want to cry to think about it now.

Saturday, December 20, 2008




I'm in love with my car.

I Will.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rack is Done.

Came out pretty good - looks sharp - super functional.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Feel like having a song stuck in your head?

Oh go ahead, you know you want to play it again...

Thursday, December 4, 2008