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Full Cycle Minneapolis

Even though this shop is only blocks from my house, I've never been inside of it, they have really limited hours. I did talk to the owner/manager the day I took this picture in the empty parking lot beside the building. When he so-purposely pulled-in to the otherwise deserted area with a bike in the back and parked I figured he must work there, and he did, sort of. This shop is apparently as much a social project as it is a bike shop. He explained that he was finally able to blend his Human Services career with his love of bikes in opening this business to employ and benefit homeless youth. As I eyeballed the franken-bike he was unloading from his car, I reflected on the deeper meanings of my job, and came up empty.

They have a display window in the front which for weeks has had a sweet-looking (at least from the view from my passing vehicle) Specialized kid-sized road bike, and a chrome 24-inch-wheeled Cruiser, and another bike I never have time to look at. I've got to get there one of these days...

He's only open during business hours so I never get there. WTF homesless-kids-business-owner? That's why your bikes never sell, not because they're not awesome... He reads my blog I'm thinking...

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Maxell XLII 90

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Shaun Palmer

Speaking of super bad-ass...