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BloodNStuff killed at Amsterdam.  See them people.

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Fun Saturday

The day began with a too early cycling start time that faded into an excellent beautiful ride.  Along the river, across the Mendota, along the river again, up through downtown St. Paul and then back down the hill to the MPLS greenway.  As we reclined in the back yard afterwords my rock star neighbor Bill stopped by with free tickets to see Doomtree at the Summit brewery - the fish tacos and pork tacos of his creation were both delicious, pork slightly better - shout out to Barrio.  See Dessa there in the front?  Missed Halloween Alaska who I would have really liked to see, but did watch DT from a reasonably close perspective, it was crowd-packed, concert-rules in effect,  freaking awesome local talent.  

Filth Hounds of Hades

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CloudKicker  A guy with a guitar and a computer.  And a map apparently.

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