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I've never heard these guys but I like the picture.

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It's kind of a lie though - It's not dialed in and ready to go. Nothing is torqued to spec except the disc rotors. The shifting is not set, the brakes have not been adjusted, I haven't touched the fork dials. It is completely together though and the light was right so here it is.

It does feel very balanced, - it feels firm and responsive and noticeably lighter. I was questioning the hundreds I spent souping it up but then one morning as I drifted back to consciousness I realized I had just been dreaming about swooping turns and finessing rough sections and flowing down, and I lay there with my eyes closed and smiled.
Pumped the flat shock tonight and took the maiden voyage on Silver-bike V2. Worried about slipping at first, then it became clear that I could ride it like a mountain bike so I sprinted, sort of. After not slipping my first thought was OMG BFFs this fork is way fucking better than my last one. It matches the rear now, it feels like floating. That's my review after 50 feet of winter alley at least. Brakes felt awesome too. Very happy. Pictures coming.
X is a cool band you've never heard. 80's LA punk (-surf-pop) band. Check em out now, funk soul brother. I learned about them from a random borrow from the Duluth library. Yes the one that looks like a lake-ship. Under the Big Black Sun. First listen, first song. The Hungry Wolf, when the drum lays back and the riff grinds that was it, I loved these guys. They have many other awesome songs too.

I watched a doc about them tonight that they themselves made in 1986. No shit. It's great. I was kind of blown away at the end because it seemed like a 20 year perspective. They were musicians and songwriters.

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