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Thinking about a new digital camera...

Really not sure what to get. or where to buy it. There are just so many choices. I think I want an "advanced point and shoot" type, with ease of use, but extra functionality, a nice lens, and a good processor. I looked at a a bunch of different ones, researched a few in detail. So many choices...

I want something small-sized, but contoured with sort of a hand grip-bump out, but small sized, but with a nice big lens, but small sized... Black I think.

At this point all I could do was come up with a list of desires for the new camera, each of which would be flexible under the right circumstances. Here it is so far:

fully articulating LCD
good movie mode
10 MP range
uses AA rechargables
good quality lens
good quality pictures
bigger than a compact, smaller than an SLR - shape-wise, but still small
contoured grip
quick start up

I deemed the most trustworthy and detailed. Hint: Once you choose the camera to be reviewed all page changes are controlled thought the drop-down box at the top, there isn't a "next page" at the bottom. Extreme camera menu emulation I guess. It's worth the info.


Years ago my artist-brother had a nice camera (and a darkroom of course), a Canon A1. In fact all of the photography on his site is taken with it - had to sell it at one point... These are pictures from the actual eBay auction that I just won on his behalf - truly mint condition from the sound of it: Vintage 1980's high-quality 35mm film camera set up. Had to have that exact model. Look at that shit. What do you think that cost then? Know what it costs in 2009 dollars? Three hundred bucks shipped. Thank you digital.

I'm inspired.

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I Like Computers!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Can't wait for Camping.

One thing we always do is the kids sit in my lap and we drive really slow though the campground and service roads while I run the pedals and they steer the van. It'll be super-fun with all of us. Great idea Kath.

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Chicks and bikes Dot blogspot Dot com

They have both kinds of pictures - Country and Western. Thanks Jared.

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Happy Mother's Day - We Love You

Three hours ago, Fort Snelling State Park, Minneapolis. Saw 11 deer.

Awwww-Snap! Trailer bike-rack is looking good.

Photos first, text later.

...Well, I guess it's later now. It's the weekend finally.

Took all the bolts out tonight, wiped it down with mineral spirits, rubbed (rocked?) it all with a wire brush. Painted it with primer. Paint it with paint tomorrow.

It came out pretty good I think, I'm happy with the design, some of which came together at the last minute as I was looking at the cut metal pieces on the table. Some of the welding is kind of ugly, done later in the evening if you catch my drift. That came out of a ten foot piece with about a foot left over. Cost about eight bucks at Discount. The fork-mounts were $50 though Steve after 50% off.

Well, that's boring now... next project!

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So they have the Internet on computers now?..

I love my computer. I just got all of the parts for a brand new one, going to put it together tomorrow - a total (budget!) processing monster - quad-core CPU, fast FSB-MOBO, top rated graphix (for the money) and 4 gigs of memory! $300. Yes 300 bucks.

I want to upgrade my house-computers to something more powerful too, but not too expensive, it would be good if I could use some of the components I have now... hard drives, ROM drives, cards...

Ya know what the hang-up is? - the case. You don't need a case, you could well use a, a.. a... wooden board - WOW that's a great idea, a wooden board to attach all of the components too. Are there grounding risks to using a non-metalic case? I don't know - G?. Wouldn't it be cool to have your computer on the wall as a functional piece of art?

Maybe plastic. A thin piece of metal, or maybe a thick piece - for the garage computer... I don't know.

Ok, ok

Garage computer upgrade: Newegg Dot Com: How about an AMD 2.8 duo-core processor, motherboard with descent on-board audio and video, + 2 gigs of RAM? How about delivered to your door for $148. Use your existing hard drive, ROM, and PCI cards. Has modern-standard SATA and PCI-express connections too of course.

Friday night edit: There, I fixed it. That's what I get for staying up late and drinking on a school night, writing an excited post, having to go to bed before I'm done and panicing on morning review, doing some hack-y editing and deleting the pictures. It looked like it continued to show the mirror pic on your blog-rolls though, here, I'll put it back. :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Minneapolis May Day Parade 2009

I love the Minneapolis May Day parade, not only for the fantastic and beautiful creations, but for the sense of community I feel there. It is my community - literally, of course - but also figuratively. The hipster bike-punkers, the working poor, the hippy-artists , the cultural mix... and many people like me who simply choose to live in the city for the grit and diversity of the experience.

To me, May Day is the reminder and celebration of all of those things.

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Mayday Parade is Sunday

Be there or be square

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Doom with the Shotgun