Saturday, February 2, 2019

College 2019

CADVR 2019 Come Go With me It's so fun

You sign up for the event and the camping separately.  Camp Holiday WI is camping. CADVR 2019 is event, share my campsite?  I stayed in 177 last year and 153 the year before - you request but will be assigned.   Tent people are the one seventies sixties fifties which are good positions, event also spans 80's on both sides and 40's, and the single digits north of Night Office & Bath House - the shower house, most often used bathroom,  and best path down to the beach behind.

The event takes up the whole center swath so you easily forget when walking from tent to shower to beer that most of the campground is not part of the event and wish everyone would just shut up probably.  The green space along the road to the right of Main Lodge & Office is the beer trailer and canopy covered picnic tables / evening hang out / event check-in / Swag trailer.   Morning coffee promise has been sketchy I make my own at my picnic table but beer promise is always IPA choice.

Lodge is good quality pizza and bar food I charge many meals to my site pay at the end.  There is a town 5 minutes away small but very tourist-oriented for wealthy year round cabins and activities it's where we buy gas. Full ACE hardware with (dry!) leather gloves and chain lube.  I read and nap in the hammock and swim in the lake every day.  Please come it's fun