Saturday, November 19, 2022


Sunday, October 30, 2022


Kool Stop

 Yes old wheels cleaned, pads on new wheels , Surlys cleaned and greased and retired.  Thinking 15 years use.  Replacement Handsome Cycles Wheel House NE MPLS are so nice I can put these away.  And bought a second set for winter wheels.  Installed fixed gear on the other side again for $7 is well worth it. Nicer single/fixed set 280 out the door.  Nice build fixed gear installed. Wider fatter rims require wider fatter tubes  

Ten plus years of riding Cross Check city bike.  Surly New on Mavic Open Pro.  New wheels Handsome bicycles.  Factory hub on Alex Adventure 2 rim.  Nice build for cheap.  Didn't want to step down from Surly and I didn't. NE MPLS

Those are Handsome



Sunday, October 9, 2022

DR 650 Thank You WR 250 Thank You





 Full moon tonight back yard shot

Gigadead St Paul MN Metal Craigslist Classic

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Next year I will have a GoPro and there will be riding pictures.  The WR250F is excellent.  GPS track following is easy with a few turn-arounds.  My trailer worked great.  Boulder Junction WI area has lots of GPS mapped adventures.  Thank you Cannon Shot

My first year of going the week AFTER the event.  Quiet campground.  Ridden trails. Cold beers.  Blazing fire.  Neil Peart on cell phone books.  WI cheese snacks.  Thoughts to myself.  

Relaxing van drive has other perks like a cooler full of MPLS beer and ice, as well as campground now with multiple gear and clothes staging areas with the lift-back and two sliding doors.  Rather than the things in my saddle bags laid out on the picnic table.  I don't want to understate the cooler... 

Welcome WR. In the previous 4 DR years,  I rode the bike there,  once straight from Minneapolis with Chris L,  twice after around Superior, and once after Duluth-Copper Harbor - All  Before (!) attending the event.  This time all physical and mental energy saved




Saturday, August 13, 2022