Saturday, June 9, 2018

Hockey tape Motorcycle Tire Bead Breaker

It's a leverage tool to force the rubber tire away from the metal rim of a motorcycle wheel on the ground.  Mounted with the far-end hardware at the base of my workbench.  I made the handle angle steep for lots of leverage.  Thanks Heath for the wood prototype.  Cost = 20 when you buy enough to make two. With hardware. Without hockey tape.  I wonder how it works.


queasyfish said...

Shinko 244 Golden Boy

queasyfish said...

So mounting to the very heavy but not attached to the wall workbench just lifted the workbench and didn't press the bead off easily (my floor is old and my bench will roll towards me if I lift it up and shake it). Better to attach to a wall or post. I like practicing the tire change with hand tools on the floor anyway. It's tough, but I try to find better methods each time. Here at home I have as much sprayed soapy water as I want which is needed nearly as much as tools, so I'm kind of cheating anyway. On the trail I carry small aluminum cylinders of dish soap.