Sunday, May 7, 2017

The rear shock is the last major update I plan for DR.  Cogent Dynamics Mojave (not pro) task just completing.  Discovered required chain (and gears of course) replacement along the way.  Did some other stuff too.  Changed the brake fluid.  Pressing in the new chain master link tomorrow.  Gotta test the brakes and adjust the lower handlebar components, and loosen + massage the fork to remove slight stiction...  Going to drill a hole through blue to be able to unbolt the seat without removing the plastics which means without loosening the rack.  I could get a smaller rack but I love it.


queasyfish said...

Changed the lower chain roller, the axle nut... The master link was my biggest concern but the DID tool worked great. The plastic drilling was a fail, I didn't line up the muffler side right - I should have drilled a small hole first and checked position. I'm not sure how but I'm going to make my own side panels. Full-on Road Warrior. Why did I wait so long?

Discovered I had previously installed the fuel filter backwards to the flow indicator.

Starting to freak out on wanting to be done and ride. Got it ride-able as it was getting dark tonight. Brakes all good. Lower handlebars good different. Suspension strangely making the ride completely flat. Wow. Going to crank up the rebound. Sweet.

Left the last boring task for the end, oil change. After riding ran it on the center stand for a couple minutes. Opened the hot vein and realized of all the parts and tools I didn't have an oil filter.

The condition always makes me wish I had done it sooner

queasyfish said...

That's the lower chain roller there above the L and the S